Open source 3D rendering solution adhering to the RenderMan standard

Migration to BSD licensing

We're happy to announce a change from the GPL to the more permissive BSD license.  Parts of the code in the latest development version have already been migrated, with more to come.

All new code contributed by any authorised developer must, by agreement of the developer, be licensed under the BSD license. Existing code will remain under the current GPL/LGPL combination in the short term, while efforts are made to obtain agreement to re-license under the BSD license.  Where agreement is not forthcoming, the code in question will be removed from the project, and be
replaced with new implementation, written in isolation and licensed under the BSD license. The intention is to ultimately provide the whole of Aqsis under the BSD license.

Because the codebase contains GPL-licensed code from many contributors over the years, we expect the relicencing process to take some time.  In the meantime, some of our newer libraries (such as our texturing library, and the RIB writing and processing code) are already very close to being entirely under the BSD.  We will provide a careful statement of which parts of the code remain GPL licensed in any upcoming releases.